Bank of America First Data Global Gateway e4 Reference

When you select "New Gateway" from Credit Card Activate, you will see two options for Bank of America. If you have recently signed up for service (as of December 2012), select Bank of America Merchant Services E4.

You will be asked for a Login and Password. Please note that this is not the login and password you use to access your Bank of America or First Data account. This is the Gateway ID and corresponding password found in the Terminal Selection section of the First Data interface.

First, log in to your account at


First Data admin login screen.

Next navigate to the Terminals Screen from this menu after logging in:



Terminals subtab.



Your Gateway ID is located about halfway down the page, and typically is formatted AXXXXX-XX. Several fields later is the gateway Password. If this is encrypted and you don't know what it is, there is a Generate link to create a new one. These are the credentials you'll need to enter in Credit Card Activate in your PageDNA site Dashboard.


First Data Gateway account information.

Once you've generated your password, you will need to edit the password to reduce it's size from 32 characters to 30 characters.  Delete any two character from the password then click Update. Updating is necessary to retain your changes, but also hides the password, so you will want to make sure to make a note of the password.


Updating password.

The Gateway ID and password you just created can now be used to setup your Credit Card Gateway in the PageDNA system.