PageDNA File Storage Guidelines


This section describes PageDNA's policies regarding file storage for various parts of the system.


Vendor EPS/PDF Files

Production artwork files for live orders are stored on the server for 60 days, after which they are deleted. Order files can be regenerated after this point, but there is no guarantee the file will be the same file that was generated for the user initially. See Site Variables for more information.


Customer Order Previews

Preview files generated while a user is ordering (where the order is actually submitted) are stored for 1 year from order date. These files can sometimes be used to "Prove" that a user really was presented with a proof for what they later claim was a production error.


User-Uploaded Files Linked to Orders

Files that are uploaded by users and included on live orders are stored for 1 year from the date of order submission.


User-Uploaded Files not Linked to Orders

Any end-user uploaded files that are not linked to orders are deleted after 30 days to keep file storage under control.


Re-Order Information

PageDNA stores order information (but not artwork files) indefinitely. This allows future orders to be re-ordered at any time in the future. The old order data is sent through the current style (layout) on the site. More information on this is found in the Re-Order section of our documentation. Sites that are marked RIP have order data deleted when the site is removed from the server.